Extensive coverage of Al Dhafra Festival on Baynounah TV

Two weeks of extensive coverage

MADINAT ZAYED (Al Gharbia, Abu Dhabi) – This year and for the first time in its history, Al Dhafra Festival has designated a media partner, Baynounah TV, a project under the auspices of the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi. With 6 to 7 hours of live broadcast and more than 132 reports, Baynounah TV has been keen on presenting a bouquet of valuable information and daily news about Al Dhafra Festival. The channel has actually succeeded in becoming a reliable source of news and information for viewers through a continuous presence of reporters on the Festival venue and as a result of the efforts of a professional and qualified team.

Mohammad Al Ahmad, Director General of Baynounah TV, said, “Al Dhafra Festival is one of the most important and renowned festivals in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the GCC region. With the help of a large qualified team, a big camp at the Festival venue, and the required technical equipment, we have been working to provide an unprecedented and substantial coverage of the Festival.”

“We have arranged a whole strategic plan for the Festival. For the first time in the history of Al Dhafra, there has been nonstop live broadcast from morning to night,” he added.

In its coverage of the 7th edition of Al Dhafra Festival, organised by the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi in Madinat Zayed, Al Gharbia (The Western Region), Baynounah TV has devoted 3 different daily programmes to report and cover the events instantly and without delay. The Channel has also invited more than 80 guests, including members of the Organising Committee, members of the Judging Committees, journalists, camel owners, participants and winners in the different competitions.

“An innovative idea, the ‘Mazayna Analysis Studio’, is a programme dedicated to the analysis of the different Mazayna laps and participations. Members of the Judging Committees come to discuss and assess with other experts in the field of Mazayna the different laps, and participations of camel owners,” said Al Ahmad.

“We also have the main programme, ‘Marabaa Al Dhafra’, presented by Amal Al Rumaissi and Abdullah Al Karbi. This live hour-and-a-half programme features guests like journalists, camel owners and members of the Organising Committee. It covers the different events and activities held within the framework of the Festival,” he added.

“Eye on Al Dhafra”, hosted by Hussein Al Amiri, is also one the programmes that has been closely followed by viewers during the 7th edition of Al Dhafra Festival.

“The programme of Al Amiri lasts an hour. It takes the viewer from one place to another, and stops at the different sites on the venue of Al Dhafra Festival,” said Al Ahmad.

Baynounah TV has supplied all the required means to ensure a unique and exceptional coverage of Al Dhafra Festival, through providing a giant tent for crews and production staff, and all the types of logistical support to facilitate the work of the different teams.

“We have a team of 74 professional and specialised employees to cover the Festival’s activities and events. The image of Baynounah TV has been shaped by Al Dhafra Festival on account of its rich content and unique cultural and heritage substance. We cover the different activities and events of Al Dhafra according to their importance and significance. The idea consists in promoting the Festival among tourists and raising its status on the international level,” Al Ahmad said.

“This is a new experience and adventure for me, as a Director General of Baynounah TV. We have already been working on a bigger strategy for next year, setting as a main objective the promotion of the Festival as a tourist attraction for all nationalities and ages,” he added.