Alluring treasures of Oman

Amazing landscape

Many of Oman’s national treasures have not changed drastically for centuries and they are an alluring galaxy of attractions.
Preservation of such natural wealth indicates the great care that is being exercised while developing tourist facilities in the country, with sustainable and environmental-friendly development being the right approach. The idea is not to cause any inconvenience to people who inhabit villages and hamlets in remote regions and ensure that they are given opportunities to better their economic livelihood. And, in this direction Oman will not only expand our tourist infrastructure but also preserve the country’s natural wealth that has been so instrumental in attracting visitors from around the world and contributing to the economy.
Oman has grown to be a popular tourist destination and tourism contributes a good bit to the economic pie. But as tourism is continuously expanding the need for improved facilities in areas of high tourist density is being increasingly felt. Residents of urban areas in cities and towns can understand the importance of sustainable development, especially for the benefit of future generations.
Sultanate’s topography is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty which has given inspiration to its citizens since ancient times, and which is reflected in the country’s rich cultural legacy. Preservation of its flora and fauna is one of the government’s main priorities and many strategic initiatives have been made to ensure that ecosystems are not harmed even as infrastructure is expanded.
Safeguarding its natural land and marine wealth so that future generations can enjoy their benefits, is uppermost in the minds of government agencies. Their tasks are to ensure that the environment in which we live blends perfectly with its natural surroundings, and the beauty and serenity of the landscape are preserved.
Even as the government is making all efforts to promote tourism and improve infrastructure, it is also up to more private investors to come forward and avail of business opportunities in this sector. The most important aspect of tourism development in the country is that it provides jobs to citizens, and for which training is an essential prerequisite. Many more jobs will be created as the tourism industry expands, and this will enable the local people to better their economic conditions. But even as areas of high tourist potential are further developed, the focus is to protect the environment in those regions. Nature tourism is a growing trend in the many countries, even in the Sultanate. Visitors want to spend time just taking in the sights, sounds and smells of places of natural beauty.