Afnan Al Qasemi wins script-writing competition from Abu Dhabi Film Commission, New York Academy Film Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI - The New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Film Commission and the director Nawaf Al Janahi today announced that the writer Afnan Abdelraoof Al Qasemi has won their 2012 script writing competition.
Al Qasemi’s project “Shaye Karak” (“Karak Tea”), one of two scripts that she submitted, was the winning under the category of “Crime” and will be turned into a short film by Al Janahi, with a crew selected from New York Film Academy’s graduates.
Starting the 1st of April, Afnan will join the Academy for a four-week hands-on filmmaking program to learn and polish her skills in script writing, cinematography, digital editing and to make 3 short films through that intensive program.
“This was a very tough decision, given the high quality of the scripts and the more than one hundred submissions from the UAE and GCC,” said Imad DeirAtany, the managing director of New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi, a project of Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture ADATC.
“The competition reflects ADATC’s vision and commitment to boost awareness of the film industry in UAE and to guide the direction of new and emerging screenwriters” said Ali Chehab, representative of Abu Dhabi Authority Tourism and Culture, Marketing & communication consultant at NYFA Abu Dhabi.
"We are happy to see the response and pleased with the level of scripts which shows the importance of short films in the UAE and GCC. We look forward to supporting NYFA Abu Dhabi and Nawaf Al Janahi in developing the winning script and promoting the final film regionally and internationally," said Abu Dhabi Film Commission Director David Shepheard.
The short film will be promoted at international film festivals by Abu Dhabi Film Commission.