ADACH publishes 'Rules of International Treaties in General International Law'

ABU DHABI - The National Library of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) published the book "The Rules of International Treaties in General International Law" by Dr Matar Hamed Al Neyadi.
The book serves as a guide to those working with international treaties, as it includes a detailed explanation of the various aspects of treaties between states, in a pragmatic and simple manner. It consists of nine chapters dealing with introducing treaties and the stages of signing them in federal countries, having reservations on them and the procedures in which they are put into force. The book also addresses the interpretations of treaties, methods of amending them, how they are terminated or become invalid.
Treaties are among the most important means of interaction between states, international organizations, or states and international organizations. With treaties, you can document and organise the various political, legal, military, commercial, judicial and other international relations.
Despite the fact that most of the provisions of the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties of 1969 reflect what is settled by international law in this context, the practice of states, rulings of international justice bodies, the work of the international law committees, and explanations scholars of international law have greatly helped to clarify many of the general issues in the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties of 1969.
The book is the results of practical and theoretical expertise that the author enjoyed during the past years. Through it, he sought to clarify some of the legal rules and practices applicable to international conventions, but stressing that the book reflects the author's personal views and does not necessarily reflects the views of any official body.