ADACH publishes new issue of 'Million's Poet' magazine

Exciting features with useful information

ABU DHABI – The Poetry Academy of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) has published its 53rd issue of the 'Million's Poet' magazine; a monthly publication dealing with poetry, literature and cultural heritage. This publication includes a number of interviews and surveys, and attempts to combine exciting features with useful information.
In its editorial, the magazine branded some of the cultural events that took place last April in Abu Dhabi as being part of a "festival of archaeology and heritage par excellence". ADACH has recently announced many important archaeological discoveries as part of its continued restoration work. ADACH has also organised an international conference on archaeology and the publication of numerous specialised studies in the field. ADACH, in collaboration with UNESCO, also organised a workshop that culminated in eleven Emirati specialists becoming qualified to maintain our intangible cultural heritage. ADACH celebrated the International Day for Monuments and Sites, while the 'Dawn of History' exhibition attracted thousands of visitors, at the Jahili Fort, in Al Ain City.
The magazine has devoted column space to showcase the latest publications of the Kalima translation project and the Poetry Academy. It also produced a special report entitled "Poets Talk Enthusiastically about the Experience of their First Diwans". This publication has sparked a lot of excitement amongst its readers. .
This current magazine issue also includes a number of poems: "I Move Towards You" by the poet Jasim Al Sahih; "Breaks in the Mirror of the Soul" by the poet Omar Hamad Helal; "If You Had One Excuse Left I Would Have Forgiven You", by the poet Mohammed Ali Al Saeed; "There the Sea of Abu Dhabi" by the poet Hanin Omar; "Life of the Soul" by the poet Najat Al Hajari; "Sorry for the Inconvenience" by the poet Hamad Al Bareedi Al Marri; "My City...and a Relieved Tune" by the poet Nasser El Ouhichi; "No Dream Makes them Known to Me" by the poet Hassan Ibrahim Hassan; "It is Life" by the poet Mohammed Al Hawiti; "My Hurricane" by the poet Majid Al Khalidi; and "Forenoon Sun" by the poet Nassar Al Sawit.
Also, contained within the current issue, are two surveys, respectively entitled: "Poems that surprised their poets by spreading or dying after their birth", and : "After meeting at the Raha Beach, creative contestants of Million's Poet communicate with each other despite geographical barriers".
Millions Poet also offers a statistical analysis of the previous four seasons of the "Prince of Poets". This found that poets from eleven Arab countries reached the crowning stages, and were placed in the top five positions.
The magazine's analysis column gives a view of how poets are perceived through their own poetry. This particular edition focuses upon the poets Muntathar Al Moussawi and Muhammad Turki Hijazi. Muhammed Turki Hijazi’s brother is also featured in an interesting interview, following his fifth place ranking in the final season of the competition "Prince of Poets".
Other interviews include discussions with the brother of the Emirati poet Saeed Al Qubaisi, who writes poetry in Classical Arabic, in Nabati dialect and in English. He has also previously participated in the "Prince of Poets" competition.
The magazine also contains an interview with Khaled El Oughlani, director of Tunisian cultural radio, who has previously taken part in "Prince of Poets". There is also an interview with the multi-talented poet Abdullah Al Baker, who starred in the first session of the "Prince of Poets".
This edition continued to focus on the “Prince of Poets” competition through examination of the "Facebook" page of the poet Masood Al Waily, one of the stars of the fourth session.
The latest magazine issue also touched on the start of the third academic season at the Poetry Academy in Abu Dhabi. This season includes a set of theory and practical lectures on Nabati Poetry, divided into three study levels. As part of its structured learning programme, the new season offers an additional study level examining the relationship between the media and poetry. Here students are introduced to the role and impact of the media in all its forms - audio-visual, print and electronic - with regards to poetry and culture in general. In this way a link can be formed between those who are creative and those who enjoy their work. .
The issue concludes with an article by the magazine's editor-in-chief Sultan Al Amimi, who explores how poets write about and approach the subject of having grey hair. He cited a poem by the Emirati poet Hamid bin Saeed bin Khalfan Al Dahaak Al Mansouri entitled "Ibn Dharfan". It is made up of seven expressive verses that tackle the philosophy of dealing with aging and accepting changes in life. The poem, despite its briefness, is considered by many as a bright literary text, full of wisdom and creativity.