ADACH publishes new collection of “Audio Book”

ABU DHABI - The National Library at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) has published a new collection of CDs as part of the Audio Book project, which provides a number of main Arab heritage books or foreign knowledge books to the Arab reader in an audio form. This would ensure a greater reach for these works and a different reading experience.
The new publications include collections of poetry by Abi Al-Tayib Al-Mutanbi, the poet who managed with his acumen to sit on the throne of Arab poetry and is still a point of interest for Arabic literature students in general. Abu Al Ala Al-Maari used to mention all poets with their names except for Al Mutanbi who he used to call “the poet”.
This audio book comes in 14 volumes, and it is read out by Abd-al-Majid Majdub, and is presented by Jumana Al Nunu.
Published also as part of the Audio Book series was “Tawq al-Hamamah”, a book by the Andalusian Ibn Hazm which was described as the most accurate writing by Arabs in the study of love, its manifestations, and reasons. It is read out by Muhi Al Din Abd Al Muhsin. The book contains a collection of the news of lovers, their poetry and stories. The book examines the human emotion of love on a basis that depends on something of physiological analysis through observation and experience. Ibn Hazm handles, in a story-telling style, this emotions from an analytical human perspective.
Another book of verbal narration was published under the headline “Dardamis” by Ahmed Rashid Thani, and is read out by female artist Raziqah Al-Tarsh. It is the second part of a project that collects stories from the UAE. The writer tries to present the stories in a new form that maintains their verbal features as much as possible, and writes them in a way that suits the written page.
This publication is aimed at drawing attention to this cultural treasure, and gives those interested a chance to listen and have a quiet read.
The publications also included “Imam Al-Shafie poetry”. Imam Al-Shafie was born in 150 AH. One of his sayings is: “I have never wished anyone I engaged with in a debate would make a mistake. And I wish the knowledge in my heart was with everyone and not attributed to me.”
A series of new titles of the Audio Book has been specified to be published in succession by ADACH, taking into account the state-of-the-art technology of audio books in the world. This project goes in line with the Poetic Encyclopaedia project which is being updated regularly as a number of the works of the Audio Book will be present as part of the services of this unique encyclopaedia.